Ongoing Research Opportunities for Participants

Sedentary Measurement Research Study:

Dr. Jordan Carlson’s research team is currently seeking participants for a sedentary measurement research study. Click HERE for more information about eligibility and contact information for the research team if you are interested.

Zoom to Health is an 8-week group treatment program for overweight children and their parents/caregivers. The program provides targeted parenting skills instruction combined with evidence-based nutrition recommendations. Parents and children meet in separate, concurrent groups. Learn more about Zoom to Health.

Teen HEALTH Study

Dr. Christopher Cushing and his KU Pediatric Health Insight Team is recruiting adolescents 13-18 years old for a study at KU Lawrence. The purpose of the study is to better understand adolescent health.

Recruitment is not limited to Lawrence – adolescents in Kansas City and other areas are welcome to participate.

Study overview:

–       10 days total study participation: 10-minute surveys each evening and one 2-hour lab visit

–       Adolescents complete evening surveys for a week before the lab visit. Surveys are administered via e-mail with text message reminders to complete them.

–       The lab visit includes consent/assent, activities on a computer and iPad, and surveys.

–       Adolescents can earn complimentary snack food, a water bottle, and up to $40 in gift cards.

How to enroll or obtain more information:

–       Parents will need to complete a brief telephone screening with the PHIT Lab (785-864-1287), to determine eligibility and schedule the lab visit.

–       Interested parents can also e-mail the PHIT Lab at with questions about the study or to provide a phone number and time to be called for the telephone screening.

Please contact us with interest or questions about the Teen HEALTH Study!